Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hi there! Made a nice dinner using Nigella Lawson's delightful roast lamb recipe (I had been anti-lamb, then decided I should try it once) and unfortunately for sheep, I really liked it. I didn't think I would. It went nicely with gratin potatoes an roasted pepper salad. I love to eat. We made a complicated drink called Basil Grande (1 shot chambord, 1 shot grande marnier, 1 shot vodka, 3 shots cranberry juice, muddled with 4 strawberries & 3 basil leaves, shaken w/ ice and finished w/ black pepper) my new favorite drink that I will have to make myself if I ever want it
again. It has been a week of slow food, long drinks and a whole lot of relaxing and dreaming. Our good friend Steve Gornick is in town, visiting and playing music. Having Steve around means music is in the air! Greg gets out his instruments and everyone starts playing. Except me. I listen and draw. Azalea gets into it, I might get her a tiny djembe (african drum) so she can rock it. Its a great atmosphere to work to. Im designing new stuff, really thinking about flat charms that feel organic. A new direction...I think I need to stay up all night. I found this mandrake sculpture by Brendan Monroe while googling for images of the plant ( . I think I want it for my porch to greet me when I come up the steps. If only it was an inexpensive resin garden sculpture! That always gets me thinking how fun it'd be to make garden art that strange kids like me would enjoy. My garden would be filled with bird people, sphinxes and fairies more akin to insects than cute little girls. Maybe when my girls in school, then I'll have time. The Denver show is this weekend and I should be cranking out samples, but I have to say, I am not into it. I'd rather be carving. So thats the plan until 3 or 4 am. Night,all!


Lisa Blackwell said...

next time we are in town i hope we get that for dinner.
cynthia is the best cook ever!!!!
lots of luv.....lisa & tony

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, I love me some Nigella Lawson. She's the best. I love how sassy she is. Like when she talks about spending all day preparing tomatoes and she's holding up a can of ready-to-use easy goodness. Funny.

That drink sounds extra super complicated. I am leery of such drinks. I once made this drink called a Pink Lady... it started to separate and looked/tasted not so good. I think that was a puking night.

That's a really great sculpture. I remember seeing that image when I was googling mandrake root sculptures. It's a goodie.

Did you see Jean Yate's garden? It's very fun. Lots of interesting things you wouldn't expect to find.

Glad to hear you all are having fun!

Cindy said...

Cynthia...thank you! The beads are great! Some of them were ones that I saw on the website and wanted, the owl and the naked lady. I'll send you photos if (when) I come up with a nice design with them.
I'm going to send you something, just for fun. I think I have a good idea for that.
Take care...Cindy

Sophie said...

Thank you *so* much for the surprise package...the kids and I have named your drawing "Mama Ladybird Gussied Up" and it hangs on my Inspiration for your yummy beads...the owls are my name (Sophia) means wisdom so I've always had a thing for owls...and I love the Nude Lady...I promise to send you some links to my projects as soon as summer vacation starts and I can have some Solitude Time (i.e. nap time)...thankyouthankyouthankyou again!...and I love the new locket with the fairy cage...way cool.