Monday, March 05, 2007

Hi! This little nugget is made out of polymer with acrylic washes. The nest is needle felted wool. Its about an 1 1/4. Azalea loves to take the doll out and 'feed' it. We have been crafting all sorts of doo-dads since Andrew arrived. We had the best time foraging around a riverbed looking for interesting specimens to use in a resin project. The idea is reliquaries...little precious artifacts embedded in resin. The root babies for illo friday are destined to rest in a cozy droplet of resin. We might get frenchy and add pmc details for extra fantasticness. Its fun when Andrew visits-the energy is high, ideas flying fast and furious - basically, a good time.


Andrew Thornton said...

That little baby you sculpted is so cute! I just love how Girl plays with it.

I've had a wonderful time here in Asheville as well. Lots and lots of projects done and many started! Can't wait to come back.

Andrew Thornton said...

Did you find that baby?

Cynthia Thornton said...

Yep. Greg found it in the leaves in the yard.