Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hey there! It's been busy around here, spring cleaning and working on new projects. Thanks so much to everyone that left ideas on my last post, its very insightful! I will send out the prizes next week, so theres still time to enter an idea or confirm the goodness of someone elses.

I just picked up the new issue of selvedge magazine (an amazing fiber arts publication) and it got me all fired up to start sewing. Asheville has one of the best fabric stores in town, Wachters Silk on Charlotte street. I found the most gorgeous sueded silk in a lovely persimmon color, perfect for a top, or cut into a strip for a necklace. I wish I had my own personal seamstress that could translate my drawings into reality, doesn't everyone? Im off to work on my illo friday submission!

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Andrew Thornton said...

Just a quick note before I collapse into sleeping goodness - Speaking of magazines, have you seen the new Domino? Muy bueno! Oh, did you all see the article about you in Beadwork yet???