Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey there! We have been enjoying fine weather and excellent company. Andrew just went back to NY after a festive week of hiking and foraging for treasure in the amazing wilds of Asheville. We crafted like mad, working late into the night, formulating new ideas and making really good work. He finished the latest newsletter this morning , so check out the new project instructions (highly fun!). Greg left for the BABE show this evening and is probably still in the air, heading towards San Francisco. Its only a one day show, so catch it before it ends at 5! My folks pulled in early this morning, to have a short visit. We always have a great time running around town, cooking feasts and (not surprisingly) making stuff. I think I'd go crazy if I couldn't occupy these hands of mine- I always have a sketch book near, or half finished projects scattered around the house, waiting for completion. I could do without so much (tv, phone, stereo,laptop...) but take away my gear and your lookin' at one unhappy gal. Well, I got some drawing that needs done, take it easy!

The forest pic is shot off the Blur Ridge Parkway, the waterfall in Pisgah Forest about 40 miles from Asheville. The handsome cat sunning himself is Paddy, the big 30lb beast Andrew is holding is Frickademus, aka Frick (or as my mama says with her accent, 'Prick!').

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Andrew Thornton said...

The trip was so much fun! Lots of projects and activities. Can't wait to come back.

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