Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello! Finally feeling o.k. after a bout with dehydration. I am incapable of taking care of myself! I probably wouldv'e died ages ago if i didn't have Greggy to take care of me! Anyway, Im working on some stamp images to ink up, and would appreciate any ideas on what stampers want. I think interesting trees,flowers, creatures would be good.

I have been accumulating loads of unique items for making kits , gifts ,or packages of inspiration for years now and i think i might be ready to make them. We get so many requests for kits and finished jewelry that i think its time to just do it! I have amazing ribbons, vintage beads,hand carved stones ...i love my hoard. My sister Sheila can't believe how much stuff i have, she says im like that dragon Smoag from the hobbit. O.k., i will share. I plan to assemble gift packs I would want, with art, chocolate,and beads. Well, we shall see, maybe doll kits. I love dolls! I will take pics of my girls and see if anyone would like to make poppets of their own.

Sheila and Andrew are leaving for N.Y. soon and i am trying not to think of how sad im going to be. Especially since Sheila is such an amazing nanny. Back to being mommy full time. Well i better work fast while shes here!

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claudine hellmuth said...

hope you are feeling better sweetie!