Thursday, July 13, 2006


MasterArtist said...
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MasterArtist said...

Cynthia, I'm an MFA who switched from painting to jewelry making to try to help make ends meet. I love the finished painting second from bottom. Are you sure you don't want to illustrate your book yourself? I think you should. Keep me posted on when it's published. I love your jewelry pieces but wish you'd put more silver beads on your website. I caught your stuff in Wisconsin, but whenever I try to buy more from the website it's disappointing. I know you've got to be busy with your girl, and I'm with mine (she's 8). Well I'm a single mom (widowed) and life's tough as an artist. Take care. I love your work. Here's my website if you're interested:
Take care, Kristine

Peace of Mind said...

I love your pictures as much as I love your beads! I just made my second purchase and have already sold a piece using your pieces. Keep up the great work!

Peace of Mind Jewelry

Andrew Thornton said...

I remember you, Kristine! Thanks for your continued support and interest. It was nice seeing you. Bead & Button was such an amazing show for us! We got a chance to reunite with a lot of old friends and faithful customers. I'm surprised that you were able to get any silver at the table; I remember that when you came around we were pretty much out of everything sterling!

You have to think about ordering from the website like buying at a show. One customer can buy 100 pieces and then that's that for our allotted inventory. We try to do most of our casting in-house as Cynthia mentioned in her most recent posting. If you've done lost wax technique, then you know it's no easy job, even if you've been doing it awhile. It's particularly hard with Baby One running about and getting into mischief! It's always a challenge to balance out creating new product while restocking old.

I hope that you're not too disappointed. It really hurts our feelings when a customer isn't satisfied. The best advice I can give you is to check back on the website often. It changes and is updated constantly. You might get lucky and catch us before those big buyers come through!

Thanks again for your enduring patience. All of us at the Green Girl gang are artists and know that it isn't easy making a living doing what you love to do.

Simplicity Always,