Monday, July 17, 2006

Finally home! There is something wonderful about Asheville, maybe its the air or the people or the mountains-i don't know its good to be home! I think im going to gut my studio and turn it into the best place on earth (for me).

We are currently working on new silver designs and hope to have them available for fall. The cost of silver makes me cringe, but hopefuly this silly price hike will go back to normal. Im thinking september for the new clasps. I love silver and want everything cast in it, but its hard to compete with mexico and their cheap labor. Thats half the battle in the arts, make something good and make it affordable. Or send it to mexico. Its funny i make beads for a living because i went to school to be a painter. Actually, i started out with dreams of being a special effects artist (after seeing The Dark Crystal as a kid) then i saw Jurassic Park with all the 3-d animation done on a computer and switched majors. I think im just rambling. I so wanted to make movies! Well, one day i plan to.

O.k. its late and im getting ready to work, but first, to answer a few comments.....Jeremiah Ketner was approached to do the kids book with his paintings, he kindly thought of me do the storytelling. He plans to hook me up with his connection the next time im in Chicago. So i might get my own contract (fingers are crossed). Im sorry ordering online is disappointing for some of you (kristine.....i want to make you happy! Email me and tell me how i can change your opinion!) but we are putting forth our best efforts! Please remember that Green Girl Studios is just a bunch of artists that are ecststic that we can do what we do, so let us know how we can improve.

im designing all night tonight, mostly clasps. If anyone wants to mention something they always wanted me to make, feel free to comment. I think water is my inspiration tonight. Or pirates. Or voodoo queens. Can you tell I saw Johnnys new movie? Off to work!


claudine hellmuth said...

yay!!! I am so excited you have a blog!! I'll link to ya from mine!

Paul Lester said...

Hey there Cynthia! Congrats on the new blog! Thanks to you and Shiela (correct spelling?) for meeting up with us when ya'll were in Orlando. Give our best to Greg, Andrew, Shiela and Azaela. Regards, Paul

Eva said...

I am still mad I didn't get a chance to read that! If it ever becomes typed, please send a copy.

We miss you guys--I loved having you here. Come back so we can discuss Pirates, which I have not seen yet because of B. We can also discuss things that make us run out of gas.

Rose3 said...

Cynthia--I would love it if you would design a dragonfly clasp. I love your silver clasps and your beads. I was so sad that you did not come to Portland,Oregon for the Gem Faire after the Puget Sound festival. I couldn't make it to the Puget Sound Event and I need to order more clasps and beads and I wanted to see what new fabulous things you have. Should I check here or one the green girl site for the latest? Best of luck on the new designs--I am looking forward to seeing them!