Wednesday, January 05, 2011

mini projects

The gem show was in town today, so I stopped in to say hi to my good friend Jess (of Jess Imports) and do some shopping. I picked up these sparkly beauties from Sona: the top strand is rough diamonds, the pinkish brown are andalucite, next are tourmalines and the tiny ones are Tunduru Sapphires (gosh I love that name!). I've been on a tiny dangle stint- I think its like the sugar on a cookie, the tiny sparkles add so much to a piece.

These are some polymer face plates that will soon be cast in porcelain. These will serve two purposes: one, to attach to soft bodies of fur or velvet to make sculptures and secondly, they are a good size to practice china painting faces. It will also be fun, since painting the face is always the most delightful part, its like giving the piece life, or personality. I know very little about china painting so it will be interesting to see how different it is to watercolor or tempera. Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreaciated!
Ok, you know how Tucson is less than a month away and I should be freaking out, carving all night and drinking way too much coffee? Picture instead the table filled with paints, glues and glitter and......Barbies. That's right, Barbies. We spent the day customizing doll shoes and having dance offs on the wii. I also made a cardboard house for our new gals to live in, since they are so awesome. Azalea and i have renewed our love for Barbie after spotting the latest batch with jointed elbows, wrists and knees! Plus, they aren't all rubbery legged, but plastic. Some even have this crazy swappable head business thats amazing. You can buy one or two doll bodies and have a bunch of different heads! We adore Barbie Fashionista. Completely.
Anyway, tonight I'm getting serious, (seriously!) and will be carving till my hands are arthritic claws. Expect to see pandas and maybe a mermaid.....possibly a sphinx (i just listened to The Dweller in High Places by Sussana Clark and its got me in the mood for that sort of thing). And maybe a fairy clasp. We'll see.


Cindy said...

hey cynthia! just wondering if you are actually going to be in tucson for the show? ernesto and i are going to be working at the doubletree (im running this show for my supplier) and we will be there for 10 days! it would be nice if we could meet up. where is your show?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia- How about making some of your amazing custom shoes into charms?? They are adorable.

mjsee said...

Hey Cynthia! I'm going to be using bunches of your stuff as soon as I reclaim my studio. (It is currently full of LR furniture that had to come out for the Christmas tree.)

I'll post pics on FB and tag them as I finish.

quiltingjewel39 said...

The studio will be there waiting but Barbie shoes and dancing with your daughter are much more important. The time goes by too quickly.

Kathy Voth said...


I plan a special trip every year to see my parents in Tucson and to visit the Gem and Mineral show. Could you tell me where your booth will be? I love your work and would love to buy something from you at the show.

Thank you!