Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Work on the doll is speeding along, but its still a very slow process. I work in a reductive and additive way, meaning I carve away clay, then add layers on top. Carving baked polymer is very satisfying, as its texture is so dense, it reminds me a little of soap. Adding clay on top allows details that are much finer than carving.

The body is still in the shaping stage. Figuring out anatomy and jointing are the hardest parts of this doll. Making a figure that is completely correct is really difficult and somewhat odd looking, its as though softening muscle structure adds to the realism. Or, I just don't like seeing ropey tendens and bunchy muscles on my dolls. Anyway, I'm excited to get to the noodly bits, like hands and feet, which are so much fun to carve. The joints are going to be a pain, but I like a challenge.

Max likes sleeping in the afternoon sun, something he gets from me, I'm sure. I have memories of stretching out in front of the patio door after school, the sun streaming in and warming the carpet. Perfect napping conditions.

Max is a good baby. Quiet, relaxed and very good natured. He has moments when things aren't working for him and he lets me know (loudly). He loves riding around in his stroller, looking at everything and occasionally grabbing at objects that are close (like big sister).

Here's the family after enjoying the Southern Highlands show held downtown at the Civic Center. Its always fun to see all the amazing crafts, like carved birds and hand woven scarves. I really like witchy-looking wooden spoons and utensils and always find nice ones at the show. We found a twisty wood broom carved from a persimmon vine, collected from forests around town. Its nice and light and Azalea promptly claimed it as her 'magic broom, that's actually a princess in disguise'.

Well, the signing was less difficult than I imagined. It still felt odd, though, talking to people about the book, explaining what its about, how easy it is. Public relations is not my strong point. I do not enjoy center stage. I have no fear of talking in front of people, I'm not even shy, its just I'd rather be doing so many other things, like working on my doll. I'm so glad my friend J'aime came along and sat with me, helping to lighten the awkwardness. It turned out to be a good time, surprisingly enough.

This past week held a lot of instances of change for me. I've mentioned that I'm not very social, so organizing a get-together with my online doll friends is a bit different for me. Greg was very encouraging, baking fresh strawberry cupcakes for me to bring. We met at the new Barnes and Noble, and sat in a circle for a round of show and tell. It was nice to meet people that were into dolls as much as I am, getting excited over dress designs, shoe making and jewelry. I felt a little like an addict, nodding with understanding when someone would talk about the 'next doll'. I had so much fun, I decided it was o.k. to be social and had a craft night the next evening. I haven't always been so reclusive, I used to throw parties nearly every month and went on trips at a moments notice. Things are different now, I don't leave the house often and visit with friends only every once and awhile. I'm making an effort to widen my circle, so we'll see where it goes.


Eva said...

Cynthia, go look at my facebook--Henry is wearing the exact same "Bugs Rule" outfit today that Max has on in that picture! Such sweet little boys! I can't wait for them to meet. Also, one of my majors was PR, so of you ever need any help with that let me know. Glad your signing went well, and hope you guys get to visit soon!

Andrew Thornton said...

Did you take pictures at the book signing?

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hi Eva! I love that shirt. Target is so good for kids clothes (and big people!). I totally can't wait to see the baby love! Max is really loving to other babies, we'll probably pass out from the extreme cuteness.
I will have to ask you all about pr when we get together.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey bro,
J'aime took some shots with her fancy camera. Hopefully, they won't be of me nursing Max during a break!

Janet said...

I love the doll what a grand creation! The baby what a treasure! Sending best of happiness to you thru the winds! ox

Jean said...

You are so lucky to meet your doll friends! One of the 300 plus flicr groups I am in is called Blythes Anonymous! I understand the addiction. Comeand see my Nefertiti on my blog page--she was fun to do!

I LOVE your doll.she is a dream!

I love all the phots of you and the fam. in Washington. My grandparents on my dad's side lived there. We would walk to the zoo on every visit! xox jean