Monday, August 03, 2009

red pandas

A small army of Azalea's holding red panda's, my girls new favorite animal. I made these little kokeshi dolls for Daddy, Andrew and Sheila (and one for Girl Wonder, of course) at her insistence that they needed a pocket Azalea with them at all times. I do indulge her.

And a pocket red panda to ride with her everywhere! It's made from polymer and painted with acrylics, just like the kokeshi dolls.

Here's a new piece, a small link (just over an inch long) with no back yet. It's nice and thin and has a feeling like a pebble or a coin. Now I just have to decide what to carve on the back!

I really like repainting dolls! This was a Fashion Royalty Kyori (she was sporting black lipstick and heavy duty eyeliner) so I took off the old paint and gave her a more natural look. Painting dolls is a very relaxing and meditative thing for me...its basically the most fun part of doll making! I love carving heads, but love painting them even more!
So, I've been indulging my frivolous side and making things for fun (with the exception of the owl piece, but it was fun too). I took the advice of a smart person that said I should just force myself to finish something and it worked! Once the ball got rolling, it was hard to stop. I have some jewelry projects that have sat on the back burner that need to be addressed and we shall see if my current wave of productivity holds out! I've been throwing around the idea of making mini books, with lots of illustrations, maybe a fantasy botanical or animal guide. I haven't figured out the details of production, but I'm enjoying coming up with possible stories. It feels pretty good to be working on projects that are just for me! I know this phase is temporary!


peacockfairy said...

Love the new link!

Gaea said...

I am LOVING your new goodies! The Azalea dolls are so precious! Are they individually sculpted? Beautiful! I

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey peacock fairy! which link?

Hi Gaea! Thanks! Yep, the little kokeshi's are individually sculpted. I guess it would've been smarter to cast one! But I used colored clays and they look cute all slightly different!

mairedodd said...

i love the azaleas! they are incredible! and forever (barring damage)... you have created yet more treasures, these so personal... everything you showed is wonderful... glad you found that surge of energy!

Pia K said...

the minuscule azaleas are just adorable! what a sweet thing to make, and so are the little panda of course.

Pia K said...

ps it would be nice to see photos of that sweet dog of yours, it was irresistable as a pup so i'm really curious what it has developed into...:) ds

Janet said...

So Sweet!!!
How does Azalea feel about all those little Azaleas you all have now??? Thats something lol!
What a little Treasure she is! xx

hint said...

How utterly cool! I love the pocket size Azaleas :) You are a wonder with animals...that red panda just says fun and adventure.