Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hello! Just rolled in from a fun trip to Florida. We did the Fort Lauderdale show hosted by Jane's Bead Mercantile and had an amazing time. To start, the hotel was flippin' awesome, we felt like rock stars! Priceline got us the Hyatt for $80 a night! An i-pod dock, a bidae(a sort of strange low sink for washing private zones - its a european thing) and a waterfall pool (which we enjoyed most of the night) along with a full spa added to our happiness. I love Priceline. The show was a great success, we saw many of our long-time customers (really old friends by now) and I enjoyed shopping with my favorite vendors. If you get a chance to go to a Bead Mercantile Show, be sure to look at Scarlett Fire for really exotic bead choices and NaBoRow for good prices and unique silver from Thailand. I got some inspiring goods.

Greg surprised me with a few comments suggesting Florida wouldn't be a bad place to live (as we splashed around an outdoor pool at night in winter) and I agreed. I have to say I like it more everytime we go, which is good, 'cause I went through an anti-Florida stage (I'm from Orlando). So now I want to move, especially since I came home to snow covering everything. I've never been to the Carribean, but I think it would suit us. Or New Zealand. Basically warm and on a coast, and has to be beautiful.

Yesterday we walked ourselves into exhaustion at Disney World. I hadn't been in close to 10 years so it seemed really updated and exciting. We went on the Pirates ride, Flying Carpet, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Buzz Lightyear, lunch at the Cosmic Cafe and took the train around the park. Whew! What a fun day! Azalea nearly lost her mind with happiness!

I have a lot of sample necklaces from 2006 and I think I want to do a giveaway, or contest. I would appreciate any ideas for a fun game to win samples. How about to start, the person that suggests the contest/game/etc. that we use gets a necklace! So comment to win.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to visit us in Fort Lauderdale! We appreciate your support!


Andrew Thornton said...

Sounds like a good time! I can hardly imagine how much fun Girl Wonder must have had. It would have been great to have seen her running around with all the other kids.

I miss that sassy Baby!

As much as Florida is fun to visit, I don't think I could personally ever live there again full-time. It's too hot! But I have to admit that it has a changed a lot since we both lived there. That McRae Studio is really cute and reminds me of a lot of places out here in Brooklyn.

lisa said...

hot? i'd take hot right now its cold and snowing/raining here in the great pacific north west....burrrrr
oh girl wonder does look happy....

Andrew Thornton said...

Even though I'm not a fan of extreme cold weather, I'd take it over extreme heat any day. You can always add layers, but you can only take off so much. And working out in the heat... forget about it. I still remember my face caked with grit and dust, sticking thickly to my sweaty skin. Or feeling the acidic burn as sweat drips into your eyes. Forget about it.

Anyway, my scraf collection rocks!

lisa said...

hey andrew we have been trying to e-mail you..we tried to respond to your blog but could not get in.

again girl wonder does look happy!
lisa & tony