Monday, December 04, 2006

These are a few fast paintings I made incorporating layering and pen and ink. I've been trying different styles, but I think I am stuck with the whole foreground, middleground and background theme. Andrew is a whiz at collage and making atmospheric paintings full of textures and subtle coloring. I've been trying to acheive the same depth, and I'm too impatient with all the waiting for things to dry and cutting bits of paper...just give me tempera and I'll be happy. I just like being able to do everything I like! Good luck.

This is an amulet
necklace I made a couple weeks ago. I like it. It puts me in mind of a shaman or medicine woman


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Andrew Thornton said...

You're much better at it than you think! You're just too critical of yourself since it's new territory.

One way of changing the way you think of foreground, midground, background, is to think of it as a modernist space. The Renaissance artists connected all these layers of space with orthogonal lines, creating illusionistic space. What the modernists did was take out the orthogonal connecting lines, and in effect compressed the space. Think of the foreground, midground, and background as sheets of glass. When the sheets of glass are brought together, they create an iconic "window."

But I would say to just follow your intuition as far as your experiments are going. It seems to be serving you nicely.