Friday, December 01, 2006

Hello! We've had a sluggish couple of days. It's just Greg doing all the work right now (we are out of help at the moment) and I think he needs a break. We won't be able to go to Orlando this weekend because we got rear-ended last night and need to repair the van (and my neck! I still have a headache). A thousand apologies if you wanted to see our booth in Orlando! We will just play catch-up at home, we are still crazy busy with all the recent press and holiday shopping. I usually hate this time of year because of the traffic and trying to get the perfect gift for someone. I like making presents and I love receiving hand-made goods! I make things throughout the year, saving them for months until christmas. I'm making a limited edition ornament for gifts - I just have to finish it. This is an owl bead I started yesterday for Andrew (and anyone else who enjoys owls).
We watched The Fountain a few days ago, I liked it and was annoyed by it at the same time. Beautiful visuals, lovely theme, but really long. I could do without all the long close-ups. A great rental. I'm waiting for the season finale of Avatar:The Last Airbender, I know it will be satisfying, unlike the new Top Chef and other squabble fests. Stop talkin' and start cookin' for crying out loud! I'm done with them unless there's nothing else on. I love cooking and makeover shows for some reason, maybe its all the transformation going on.
I feel like I'm going through a change myself, trying to see myself as a writer as well as an artist. It seems like I just came to terms with seeing myself as an artist. I always felt that title belonged to more 'artsy' people. Folks that made a living from their art. When someone asks what I do (like today, when the stylist asked me if I had the day off - yes and no) I said I make beads and jewelry. I am really fortunate, I stay home with Azalea and make things while shes awake and write when she naps. I started Neil Gaiman's newest collection of short stories Fragile Things, its unexpected and rich, which is why he is my all time favorite. I'm also reading Susanna Clarke's collection The Ladies of Grace Adieu, which is like fairy tales by Jane Austin (how can you go wrong?).
I'm breaking in a pair of Earth shoes I got on They are weird because your heel is lower than your toes, making you stand up straight, burn more calories and eliminate cellulite! Wow, I hope they work. Their comfortable, with the exception of a tight spot I'm stretching out. I'm off, Avatar is coming on!


Andrew Thornton said...

Eek! I hope you all are okay. You should see Simon about your neck. If you wait too long it could be bad times. If Baby One was in the car, she should go too since she can't very well articulate her hurts like big people can and you don't want her to have a messed up spine.

It's a shame you all won't be able to go to the Orlando show. Green Girl Studios has some amazing and devoted customers who come out everytime we're there! I've got a list in my head a mile long of all the wonderful people who attend that show!

The most important thing is to get better and get work done.

I can't wait for my OWL! Ha ha ha. I love owls. They have such a vast and diversified symbolic meaning. You should see my owl collection... it's growing and growing and growing!

Speaking of Top Chef, I saw Harold of Top Chef fame walking down the street the other night. He looked like he was in trouble! Him and that mystery partner of his must have had a row.

I miss that sassy Baby!

When I'm not working on stuff for my upcoming show, I'm getting a lot of stuff made for the tables at Tucson. Lots of new products. I'm really excited and hope you like what I'm working on. I'll send a box of PMC stuff to be fired down there soon. I think I'm going to get my own kiln after Tucson. OH! Send me the exact dates, because I need to find someone to cover my shifts at work. Yo!

claudine hellmuth said...

sorry to miss you next weekend! hope your neck is OK and glad no one was hurt badly!