Sunday, September 07, 2014

Small items

Hi! Here's a little sculpture I made out of polymer clay, to be cast in resin. I think I'll try to get an ivory or porcelain looking resin, so it has an antique quality. I haven't decided if I should add more details to the head, like a crown or head dress. Anyway, it was fun to carve.
This cute little dragon-eyed goldfish will become a pin in resin, I think. Although greg thinks it would look better in pewter. I'm hoping to have a bunch of new, small items to sell at Designer Con, this November in Pasadena. I will be sharing a booth with Jeremiah Ketner and his lovely paintings. I can't wait to go! 


Jan Kierzkowski said...

Absolutely need to tell you, Cynthia, that I think your work is amazing!!
It shows such sensitivity and precision all at once- a very special quality. Beautiful craftsmanship infused with an aura of old magic.Superb!

Trinkets Jewelry Designs said...

Love your work...especially the mermaid!

Her Strange Kind said...

Oh my, those carvings are exquisite! Such tiny details (those fingers!) Thank you for sharing them.

Janine said...

These are wonderful! Are they carved from wax?