Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Boy, did I love this cat! I painted his portrait, carried little tiny Polaroids of his face and stared lovingly into his eyes everyday. Folks would be like 'damn, you are obsessed with that cat!' and I would be like 'isn't everyone?'. Anyway, the picture is easily 15 years old, back when I used to make him fanciful collars (which he loved to wear - he would get really mad when our other cat Paddy would try and fight them off him). I was thinking  about his gorgeous face and wondered if it was time to get another cat......maybe I'll just wait awhile longer. He would be a hard act to follow.


Libellula Jewelry said...

I've been like that with the cats that I've had over the years. Each one is so different and yet so incredibly special. If you've waited many years, I'd say that it is time to get another. He or she will have his/her own wonderful, funny, silly traits that will enchant you all over again and you won't even think of comparing them.

Best of luck in finding a new furbaby!

Lucy Kalstrom said...

That cat collar and the cat are darn cute. I wouldn't be without a cat, but waiting to grieve makes good sense. Sounds like your ready to take on a new love ;-)

Unknown said...

Those orange tabbies are so full of personality. I lost one years ago, he was very young at the time. I found the little orange boy I have now the day (really the hour) he was born. His mom had just dropped him and walked away. He was struggling to find her, me and my dog heard a tiny cry and investigated. We ended up finding Mom, luckily she hadn't gone too far. We call him Lucky and I adore him! Your kitty was a beauty, I think you should adopt another soon...there is one out there waiting on you!

Unknown said...

My parents actually have an orange cat named Frick (who was part of Frick and Frack), and is a former feral. So adorable.

Cats are awesome. Well, wait. Pets are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Georgie Anne and I always enjoyed Frick's quirky personality. He was a lion among cats.