Sunday, June 24, 2012


These photographs were taken early in the spring, by the talented Meg Reilley. Although they were taken only a few months ago, when I look at them, they feel like years have past. This post had been sitting in my drafts folder, nearly finished, just needing a few words about the brisk day, or how beautiful the light looked filtering through the branches. I found myself staring at the title of the post again, thinking how the word 'family' had altered for me, how it had come to mean much more than it had when I was younger. I remember when I left home at eighteen, I couldn't wait to discover the world, bursting to get away from my family and to be independent.

I look at these photographs and think that while I've created a new family, my first position as a sister and daughter has gained a new importance. Perhaps I'm finally content with who I am and am no longer interested in proving I can stand on my own. Or maybe its simpler, I just want to be near my family and miss their wacky ways.


Becky said...

Really beautiful pictures and post Cynthia! Well said. Thank you for sharing your family.

TesoriTrovati said...

Those babies of yours look so adorable, like little woodland sprites! What a lovely photo shoot of the most lovely family.
Enjoy the day, Miss Cynthia.

Monica said...

Hai una bellissima famiglia, complimenti!!!

Jean said...

How beautiful in every way.
love, jean