Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lovely autumn

Here's my girl sporting a new hoodie and new red-headed Barbie. Azalea enjoys a doll photoshoot.

Max lookin' lovely at the botanical garden.

Greg striking a pose with Max.

Kitsune blending in with the leaves.

Every fall, Azalea's school puts on a play for each grade. The students write the play (the older kids direct, design costumes, backgrounds and lighting) and help choreograph the dances. Azalea's class wrote 'Sleeping Piggy' and made all the pig masks. My girl played the Good Pig Fairy who helps Sleeping Piggy survive the curse of the Bad Fairy.

Andrew was in town last week teaching a workshop. It was a real pleasure meeting the attendants when they stopped by for a studio tour. I felt flattered and a little embarrassed by all the attention!

Whenever Andrew and I get together, the ideas fly fast and furious and we try to get as much done as possible. This time, we had a particularly fruitful visit and planned some interesting activities for the upcoming year. I don't want to share just yet, until we have the details hammered out, but I can tell you I am very excited about these projects!

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