Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Returning home from a vacation always seems a little surreal, relieving....yet strangely as though your brain hasn't caught up with your body and is still on the road. We traveled down to Florida for Spring Break, enjoyed the beaches, Disney, Epcot and the company of family.

The beach photos were taken at a secret spot in Venice, FL. My sister showed us the proper way to hunt for shark teeth and we were happily surprised by our findings. In the photo above, Max and I sift through shells and stones to find shark teeth.

At first, Max was pretty terrified by the huge expanse of water, but gradually grew more comfortable with getting wet (which made the adults reel with nerves!).

Max and Greg, happily traveling along!

My dad can't resist Max at all and loves to carry him around, which I totally understand. Our trip went surprisingly smooth, free of traffic jams or lost things. It felt wonderful to get away, especially after such a hectic few months of Azalea in theatre practice (she was a hedgehog in The Wind in the Willows ) and Greg gone nearly every weekend for shows. I'm glad we had the opportunity to relax before the yearly crush to make new things for the upcoming Bead and Button Show. Well, the vacation is over and its time to get to work!

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