Friday, February 12, 2010

mini vacation

Hello! I've spent the last couple of weeks in a sort of mini vacation, while Greg and Andrew were in Tucson. I say 'vacation' because it was a break from routine. For starters, my best buddy Jessica came down for a visit (here she is with Azalea, surrounded by empty mugs of liquid truffles at the Chocolate Lounge). We've been friends since college and when we get together its always an adventure. We traveled south to Orlando for the International Doll Expo and had a great time admiring all the dolls. We called it research and developement since we've been planning to make the perfect doll since we met. I brought Max strapped to my chest and he was a hit - we kept getting stopped so folks could admire a 'real' doll!

When we got back to Asheville, I repainted this doll for Jessica, to spread the fun. Although its more like some crazy addiction...ask any doll collector.

One thing we like to do when we get together is cook. We made lots of delectable feasts, pictured here is a steak seared in butter, parmesan bacon risotto, broiled brussel sprouts and little peppadew peppers stuffed with cream cheese and crab. It was delicious.

I filled these capules made by Shannon Hill with miniature drawings, the tiniest polymer mushrooms and miniscule crystals, capped with pmc. A couple of artists that worked with Shannon are working to reproduce the capsules and we'll be carrying them as soon as we get a batch.

I liked this picture of Azalea and Max, she is so loving to him (can't you tell?). Well, Jessica went home Sunday and I was bummed for awhile, so I holed myself in my studio to continue sorting my stuff and tinting drawings in my sketchbook with watercolors. It was nice to fall back into a rhythm again. Greg and Andrew got home late Wednesday night, road weary and bearing gifts. The house is bustling with activity, a change from how quiet it is with just Azalea and Max.


Andrew Thornton said...

It's too bad I didn't get a chance to see Weasel. It would have been a craft-tacular time! Maybe when the world thaws out and I'm back in PA, I'll swing by for a visit since she's only a hop, skip and a jump away.

mairedodd said...

it sounds like you have a nice rhythm going... getting to enjoy your babies and your art... your family and your friends...
those capsules seem like they are just in time for wonderland!
and i love the picture of azalea and max -

kvk said...

OMG - such a sweet pair! So glad you had a good visit and managed to muster up some gorgeous sustenance - you guys kill me. How is it you're not all huge?
We need to schedule another visit!


p.s. Any interest in a free book, '100 Years of Fashion Illustration'?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love that picture of Azalea and Max. He has such a thoughtful expression on his face and Azalea is full of love.

Shannon said...

Where should I start? I have to say I feel as though I know you because I have followed this blog forever and am a huge fan of your work. I find myself not wanting to use the pieces I have purchased because they are like tiny treasures that I have found on a walk in the woods. (Now I just buy 2 and keep 1 for myself)
I love your dolls and the book is amazing. I find myself flipping through it often.
I am glad that the capsules will be available in the near future, maybe that will help to spread your friends spirit to those who never got to know him. The loss of someone so talented is especially difficult.
Congrats on the birth of your son, I just had my 1st child - a daughter and she has inspired me in ways I could never have predicted.
Okay, I am not a stalker (though I must sound like one) I just had to thank you for the book and for sharing your amazing talent.

Christina Allen Page said...

I am so happy that the capsules will be available soon, both as a personal desire and to carry on Shannon's work.

katarinas mama said...

Love the capsules. Can hardly wait to see when they're in the shop. So cool.

Haven't posted in a while, but I'm still out here!! :]

Wishing you and your growing family, lots of blessings.