Thursday, September 10, 2009


We spent Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati, enjoying fine weather and good company. First, we went to the zoo, which proved to be surprisingly good.

I particularly enjoyed the Manatee house! There were two beautiful creatures floating gracefully in a habitat that looked just like Blue Springs! It was calming to sit and watch them swim among lillies and silvery perch.

In the nursery, we couldn't get enough of the baby cheetah! We annoyed it by cooing and making kissing sounds at it, till it came up to the glass to see if we had lost our minds. We had. I love you Baby Cheetah.

Look at my girl posing as a turtle! I really liked this sculpture and wouldn't mind having one in my garden.

The next day we ventured into the city to check out Findlay Market (Greg, Azalea and Jenny pose in the parking lot). While it looked charming and I did enjoy the crepe and honey vendors, I found it lacked something. I think I might be spoiled from going to so many mind-boggling markets across the country. Or it could be that Jungle Jim's is in the area and it pretty much dwarfs the little market, offering a staggering array of everything and being reasonable too. Yes, I'm spoiled.
We had such a good time with Greg's mom, Anne and his sister Jenny! It seemed like the whole weekend was filled good food and a lot of laughter. Our good friend Jessica came down from Columbus and I was in heaven, as she is one of my favorite people. It's days spent with people you love, enjoying simple things that make life so wonderful. We are looking forward to our next trip!
It's quiet here, Azalea is at school and Greg is in transit to Tucson, AZ for the Fall Best Bead Show. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! I've polished off a mess of chores and its not even 1 yet! I feel particularly useful today. Now I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the Realm of Chaos that is my studio. I will clean it today....


Unknown said...

So many Adventures!
Your girl is ever so always beautiful in pictures! God is good
so good! xx

coolmoon said...

Sounds like you're at that 'nesting' stage....