Monday, August 07, 2006

Spent the weekend cleaning and doing laundry. Its been pretty quiet with everyone gone except me and Azalea. Sheila and Andrew made it safely to N.Y. sunday morning and are busy unpacking and settling in to their new apartment. Sheila has a great view of the Empire State building through her bedroom window. I hope to visit them some time this fall. I want to visit this studio called Ten Thousand Things, i love the jewelry and want to see and examine it up close (look too . I find the shapes they use really inspiring....i just wish they were less pricey! I love Heather Wynn's beautiful work so much! I get in the mood to make jewelry the instant i see it! (feel the inspiration Well, back to cleaning house and studio!


melanie brooks said...

Hey, I just found your blog and bookmarked it. I love reading about other artists inspiration and processes. Have fun with the laundry, lol! I had to do piles of that today too so we can head off to a sci-fi/fantasy convention this stuff.

earthenwood studio

claudine hellmuth said...

sorry you're all alone! hugs!!!